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UHNW Magazine

The UHNW Magazine is an exclusive publication, distributed complimentary to all the valued members of the UHNW Private Club. The UHNW Magazine ensures a highly focused and targeted approach to drive activation and recognition for brands or services within the wealthy community.

For our Corporate members, the UHNW Private Club offers authentic visibility with effective reach and execution is what drives brand success within this niche market. This is among the key reasons why the UHNW Private Club is the trusted partner for many of the world's exclusive brands and companies.

The UHNW Magazine is available on kiosks of the Principality of Monaco and the French Riviera and through our trusted partners such as private jet, limousine, spa, and other high-net-worth service companies.

The digital edition of the magazine is available through Amazon.

Monaco and Global reach (50%-50%)
x a year
Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter editions
+ pages
printed in English

Demography of the magazine

Average age: 46

Male / Female: 65% / 35%

Average HHI: 2.4MM€

Average HNW: 14.5MM€

Average UHNW: 100MM+€

Prime location: The Principality of Monaco


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